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Scorched Earth is a powerful dystopian novel that crosses two timelines. It is a story of love, war, hate and survival. 


Heading home, IT specialist Craig Buffett, steps out of an elevator and into a forest thirty years in the future. He encounters a world foreign to him.
Vast, devastated landscapes reach to the horizon, littered with broken glass and twisted metal.
Genetically modified creatures roam the land existing on human blood. A youth drug that does what it claims on the box. And a wormhole controlled by a megalomaniac military leader. 

Desperate to get home, Craig adjusts to this world. Accepts this primary function, this base humanity.
He embraces his new reality.
Deep inside, he has to find the will to step up and do what he must, to stop this future from happening.



A PI, framed for 6 murders in Japan, must find the actual killer while working with the CIA to stop an international arms dealer and slavery trader. 


An assassination in front of James Ray, a New Zealand private investigator, slams him into a world of trouble. Shot in the leg and holding the pistol places the blame on him. Doctored video and evidence locks him into six murders.
Since the stabbing of his wife, twenty years ago, Detective Tanaka has played both sides of the law. After his wife's death, a local gangster offered him a chance at revenge. He accepted. Only that gangster was Shin Nishikawa, now the head of the Nishikawa-gumi. The biggest and most violent group in Kansai. He and Detective Tanaka have an arrangement that works well for both.
With all the cards stacked against him, James takes the matter into his own hands. There are clues throughout the shooting. He needs to find them and do what he does best: investigate.
Making a deal with the CIA, James makes it out of prison and steps into the world of illegal international arms sales and slavery.
It's an arrangement with life-changing consequences, that will expose a connection to an old case he worked. Making him a target for retribution. 


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